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14 months ago

Release notes here:'s-new-in-8.13.html

API docs here:

Windows binaries here:

Changes for this release:

  • configure fails for requested but unmet dependencies [remicollet]
  • add support for another quantiser [DarthSim]
  • add "extend", "background" and "premultiplied" to vips_mapim() to fix edge antialiasing [GavinJoyce]
  • add support for HDR HEIC and AVIF images
  • add vips_spngsave()
  • jpeg2000 load left-justifies bitdepth
  • add "password" option to pdfload, fix byte ordering of "background"
  • add vips_operation_block_set(), vips_block_untrusted_set()
  • improve the pixel rng
  • new meson build system [tintou]
  • improve introspection annotations [tintou]
  • add "unlimited" to heifload [lovell]
  • add support for regions in C++ API [shado23]
  • add "maxerror" to gifsave [dloebl]
  • update libnsgif API [tlsa]
  • deprecate "properties" option to dzsave (now always on)
  • add vips_dzsave_buffer()
  • always set the min stack size for pthreads, if we can
  • add "fail-on" to thumbnail
  • add "gap" option to vips_reducehv and vips_resize() [kleisauke]
  • add "ceil" option to vips_shrink() [kleisauke]
  • quality improvements for image resizing [kleisauke]
  • add vips_source_new_from_target()
  • add vips_target_seek(), vips_target_read(), vips_target_new_temp()
  • add vips_tiffsave_target()
  • add vips_target_end(), deprecate vips_target_finish()
  • add "mixed" to webpsave [dloebl]
  • add support for ICC profiles and linear encoding to JXL load and save [f1ac]
  • add "reoptimise" to gifsave [dloebl]
  • add "bitdepth" to magicksave [dloebl]

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