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20 months ago

Changes since 8.12.1:

  • make exif resunit optional and default to inch
  • win: don't set create time on inappropriate file descriptors [lovell]
  • fall back to magicksave for gif if cgif is not present [erik-frontify]
  • fix a crash with 0 length vectors
  • change default frame delay for GIFs from 1s to 0.1s
  • remove stray trailing comma from iiif3 dirnames [whalehub]
  • fix TTF load [chregu]
  • revise GIF save alpha threshold [jfcalvo]
  • raise libpng pixel size limit from 1m to 10m pixels [jskrzypek]
  • fix gif save change detector [TheEssem]
  • fix load from pipe with variable size reads

Windows binaries here:

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