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pre-release22 months ago

Test release for 8.12

Changes since 8.11:

  • add vips_svgload_string() convenience function
  • fix thumbnail with small image plus crop plus no upsize [Andrewsville]
  • rename speed / reduction-effort / etc. params as "effort"
  • add gifsave [lovell]
  • arrayjoin minimises inputs during sequential processing, saving a lot of memory and file descriptors
  • add vips_image_get_format_max()
  • flatten handles out of range alpha and max_alpha correctly
  • don't use atexit for cleanup, it's too unreliable
  • tiff writer loops for the whole image rather than per page [LionelArn2]
  • fix VipsSource with named pipes [vibbix]
  • added restart_interval option to jpegsave [manthey]
  • add IIIF3 support to dzsave [martimpassos]
  • add atan2 to math2 [indus]
  • improve buffer and target save file format selection
  • added VipsForeignPpmFormat, format arg to ppm savers
  • add fail-on to give better control over loader error sensitivity
  • add hyperbolic functions sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh [hroskes]
  • add untiled jp2k load
  • "insert" will minimise in seq mode
  • better EXIF string handling [lovell]

Windows binaries are here:

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