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2 years ago

See this blog post for a summary of the new features in 8.11.

Windows binaries are here:

The libvips Windows binary contains ALL the file format loaders that libvips supports, including some very minor ones, and a complete copy of ImageMagick. It can process many different file types, but it is also rather vulnerable to hacking.

The build contains only file format loaders that have been carefully tested and which are commonly used on the web. It won't load formats like openslide (for example), but it should be safer to use with untrusted input.

Changes since 8.10:

  • add vips_jpegload_source() and vips_svgload_source() to public C API
  • integrate doxygen in build system to generate C++ API docs
  • improve C++ API doc comments
  • add VipsInterpolate and guint64 support to C++ API
  • add VImage::new_from_memory_steal [Zeranoe]
  • vipsthumbnail supports stdin / stdout thumbnailing
  • have a lock just for pdfium [DarthSim]
  • get pdfium load building again [Projkt-James]
  • add _source load support for pdfium
  • add "seed" param to perlin, worley and gaussnoise
  • add vips_source_g_input_stream_new() to load images from a GInputStream
  • add openslideload_source(), vipsload_source(), vipssave_target()
  • add hist path to rank for large windows on uchar images
  • better 8/16-bit choice for pngsave
  • avoid NaN in mapim [afontenot]
  • hist_find outputs a double histogram for large images [erdmann]
  • fix ref leaks in mosaicing package
  • run libvips leak test in CI
  • add vips_fitsload_source(), vips_niftiload_source()
  • png and gif load note background colour as metadata [781545872]
  • add vips_image_[set|get]_array_double()
  • add GIF load with libnsgif
  • add jp2kload, jp2ksave
  • add jp2k compression to tiff load and save
  • add JPEG-XL load and save
  • add black_point_compensation flag for icc transforms
  • add "rgba" flag to vips_text() to enable full colour text rendering
  • move openslide, libheif, poppler and magick to loadable modules [kleisauke]
  • better detection of invalid ICC profiles, better fallback paths
  • add "premultiply" flag to tiffsave
  • new threading model has a singe threadpool shared by all pipelines [kleisauke]

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