github libvips/libvips v8.10.6-beta

latest releases: v8.14.5, v8.14.4, v8.14.3...
pre-release2 years ago

Changes since 8.10.5:

  • don't seek on bad file descriptors [kleisauke]
  • check for null memory sources [kleisauke]
  • revise ppmload, fixing a couple of small bugs
  • signal error on EOF in jpegload more reliably [bozaro]
  • better error detection in spngload [randy408]
  • fix includes of glib headers in C++ [lovell]
  • fix build with more modern librsvg [lovell]
  • fix a possible segv with very wide images [f1ac]
  • fix issue thumbnailing RGBA images in linear mode [jjonesrs]
  • revise profile handling in vipsthumbnail
  • fix tiff deflate predictor setting [Adios]

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