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pre-release2 years ago

Changes since 8.10.2:

  • relax heic is_a rules [hisham]
  • fix vips7 webp load [barryspearce]
  • fix out of bounds exif read in heifload
  • fix out of bounds read in tiffload
  • fix tiffsave region shrink mode [imgifty]
  • add missing flushes on write to target [harukizaemon]
  • hide info messages you could get with some older glibs [kleisauke]
  • fix --no-strip on dzsave with icc-profiles [altert]
  • better GraphicsMagick image write [bfriesen]
  • add missing read loops to spng, heif, giflib and ppm load [kleisauke]
  • block zero width or height images from imagemagick load [Koen1999]
  • check for overflow in gifload height [lovell]
  • fix msb_first default in ppm load and save [ewelot]
  • force binary mode on win for connection read / write [Alreiber]
  • better testing for output to target [barryspearce]
  • ppmload_source was missing is_a [ewelot]
  • improve webpload rounding and blending behaviour [lovell]
  • fix range clip in int32 -> unsigned casts [ewelot]
  • fix precision error in clip of float -> int casts [ewelot]
  • fix load of HEIC images with 0 length metadata [ddennedy-gpsw]

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