github libuv/libuv v1.47.0
v1.47.0: 2023.11.06, Version 1.47.0 (Stable)

one month ago

See #4186 for details.

Dist files at

Notable Changes

  • linux: don't use io_uring on pre-5.10.186 kernels #4093
  • linux: disable io_uring on 32 bits arm systems #4187
  • unix: disable io_uring close on selected kernels #4141

  • unix: TCP_KEEPINTVL and TCP_KEEPCNT are available on OS X 10.8+ #3908
  • unix: add missing syscall numbers for RISC-V arch #4127
  • unix: get mainline kernel version in Ubuntu #4131
  • win,process: avoid kernel bug with starting Windows Store apps #4152

  • export WTF8 conversion utilities #4021
  • fs: fix WTF-8 decoding issue #4092

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