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Release 0.15.2

This is a bug fix release without API or ABI changes, mainly to fix more known 0.15.0 and 0.15.1 regressions. But as a bonus, it is now possible to build the DirectWrite system font provider for Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Two known minor 0.15.x DirectWrite system font regressions remain:

  • when a font is attached/memory-loaded but a different (non-attached) style of the same font is used by the subtitles
    (only the attached style[s] will be used; this also affects Core Text since 0.13.0 but not Fontconfig);

  • in the unlikely case that the full name of a system font equals the family name of another system font
    (only the family name matches will be found).

Also please note that our IRC channel #libass has moved from to Libera.Chat, and all presence on has been fully retired.


  • Fix some known 0.15.x regressions:
    • Fix Core Text font fallback failing on some fonts with multiple names
    • Fix DirectWrite failing to look up any but the first loaded variant of system fonts
  • Fix some format string bugs, which could lead to garbled log messages or on some platforms crashes
  • Fix ass_set_fonts_dir failing to load long paths
  • Better handling of control characters that have no associated font glyphs
  • DirectWrite: font lookup is now closer to VSFilter
  • DirectWrite: this font provider can now be built for UWP
12 days ago