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Release 0.15.1

This is purely a bug fix and polish release, with no significant API or ABI changes.

The only API change is that ass_add_font is now declared to accept const char *. Previously it took only char *, but const has worked in practice since the very first standalone libass release.

  • Fix currently known 0.15.0 regressions:
    • Fix crashing on some ASS files with embedded fonts
    • Fix total font fallback failure with some fonts on Core Text
  • Fix embedded and memory fonts not actually being used unless ass_set_fonts was called after they have been added
  • Fix events assuming the largest xbord-value of a preceding event of the same frame during collision handling
  • Fix \fscx0 and \fscy0 making more text disappear than they should
  • Fix shift in vertical positioning of some right-to-left events with \an4-6, \pos, \move or Scroll effects
  • Fix imprecise output for \be with huge argument
  • Fix the --enable-large-tiles configure switch doing nothing
  • Fix output of ASM-enabled builds deviating from non-ASM builds
  • Fix ASM-builds on Haiku and 32-bit *BSDs
  • Overhaul x86 assembly for better performance and to allow ASM-enabled PIC-builds on 32-bit
  • Reduce temporary allocation in rendering
  • DirectWrite: request fonts on demand for better performance and improved compatibility with external on-demand font activation
  • Log libass version numbers upon renderer startup
  • Accept pointers to const as arguments to ass_add_font
  • Improve VSFilter compatibility:
    • Disregard zero area events in collision handling
    • Do not apply \fsp to vector drawings
    • Fix bug preventing cutting out glyphs from border & shadow with abnormal \fad values (or causing aliasing artifacts in some cases with normal values)
latest release: 0.15.2
4 months ago