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mega-20240331 (Easter)

latest releases: mega-20240414, mega-20240401
24 days ago

Changes in mega-20240331 (since mega-20240229):

Ernest (ErNis) (1):

  • INA219 26V 8A range added

Jason2866 (1):

  • small refactor

TD-er (14):

  • [JL1101] Fix JL1101 Ethernet + update to latest ESP-IDF5.1 code
  • [PlatformIO] Fix installing pygit2
  • [ESP8266 WiFi] Initialize flags for AP capabilities
  • [ESP8266] Get rid of several union structs which may cause weird issues
  • [ESP8266] Remove use of union due to issues on ESP8266
  • [ESP-IDF5.1] Revert to older SDK code due to issues with HWCDC
  • [Build] Reduce build size regarding WiFi AP Candidate duplicate code
  • [HWCDC] Test for ESP32-C3/C6/S3 HWCDC issues
  • [CUL Reader] Cherry pick code from ESPEasy_NOW pull request
  • [CUL Reader] Fix not being able to set flags
  • [Save Settings] Fix issue where data may get corrupted saving task
  • [Display] Reduce ESP8266 'display' build size
  • [MQTT] Fix crash and disconnect sending to MQTT using formula
  • automatically updated release notes for mega-20240331

Ton Huisman (22):

  • [P087] Add serialproxy_test command and Get the parsed data
  • [P087] Fix typo
  • [P087] Documentation clarification
  • [P087] Apply log-string and code optimizations
  • [P087] Always process Global Match so values can be retrieved
  • [Bugfix] Release.yml shouldn't try to move a non-existing file
  • [Build] Add ESP32-C6 MAX builds (preliminary)
  • [Docs] Update ESP chip info
  • [Docs] Update ESP chip info
  • [P116] Add alternative model selections for ST7789
  • [Bugfix] Remove duplicate define in Custom-sample.h
  • [Build] Custom IR ESP32 configurations not using the Python script
  • [P116] Add alternative model selection for ST7735
  • [P029][C002] Add option Invert On/Off value
  • [Docs] Update P029 documentation with new option
  • [C002] Reduce .bin size (slightly)
  • [P116] Fine-tuning the rotation column-offset for ST7735 135x240 display
  • [P116] Documentation improvement.
  • [P095] Documentation improvement.
  • [P116] Update documentation for supported displays
  • [Build] Disable Notifiers in full binaries
  • [Build] Fix typo

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