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ChatGPT v1.0.0

11 days ago

See the assets to download this version and install.

Live Demo:

Note: This version modifies some configuration files. It is recommended to backup the ~/.chatgpt folder in advance to avoid loss of important configurations.


  • The synchronization method for prompts has been optimized, now supporting local file uploads
  • Scripts have been externalized, allowing for editing and synchronization
  • Removed the Awesome menu from Control Center


  • Chat history export is blank
  • Change the export files location to the Download directory

macOS macos_xxx seems broken

If you encounter the error message "ChatGPT" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash. while installing software on macOS, it may be due to security settings restrictions in macOS. To solve this problem, please try the following command in Terminal:

xattr -cr /YOUR_PATH/

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