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19 days ago

Jellyfin Audio Player is now Fintunes 🎉

This is the v2.0.0 release for Fintunes, the new name for Jellyfin Audio Player. As this app matures, I have updated the name in order to distinguish this app from any official Jellyfin efforts. This release contains small fixes for a number of outstanding issues. Thanks again to everyone that has been testing this app for over two years now!

Sorry for the expiring TestFlight releases, our Apple Developer account expired, and it took some time to restore it. In the meantime, I am working on official release on the App Store and Google Play store so incidents like this cannot happen anymore.

What's Changed

  • feat: Rename Jellyfin Audio Player to Fintunes by @leinelissen in #105
  • fix: The play and shuffle buttons as well as the first two songs in an album were obstructed by the cover image shadows. This has now been fixed
  • fix: Some audio files may have been accidentally transcoded while they did not have to be. Any files that can be played without transcoding by the OS should now be streamed directly.
  • chore: Update all depedencies

Full Changelog: v1.2.7...v2.0.0

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