github laravel/homestead v12.1.0

  • Trader PHP extension (#1608) @yazeed
  • Update golang version to 1.15.8 (#1609) @ricardoseriani
  • Added query logging for MariaDB (#1601) @RitamDey
  • Allow specifying a full proxy_pass value with the to key in the homes… @andresayej
  • Update golang version to 1.16 (#1616) @ricardoseriani
  • Update readme for supported versions
  • remove client_max_body_size from site types so FPM takes priority
  • Standardize on client_max_body_size at 100M
  • Adding Meilisearch feature, thanks to CorruptedCyborg for the gist
  • Updates for WSL2
latest releases: v12.2.0, v12.1.1
one month ago