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Homestead v10.17.0

  • Updating magento template to support params (#1557) @minioak
  • Add Elasticsearch repositories only once to sources.list (#1554) @DieterHolvoet
  • Add function to switch to PHP 8.0 (#1553) @DieterHolvoet
  • Update Composer config path
  • Tagging v10.17.0
  • Composer 2 now defaults. If you're not using vagrant box v9.7.2 you will see an error on vagrant up regarding Composer. Update the vagrant box to resolve.

Vagrant box version v9.7.2

  • Add PostgreSQL 13 and set as default
  • drop hirak/prestissimo (#225) @browner12
  • Default to PHP 8.0 (#226)
  • Set permission on .config
  • update motd-news path
  • fix motd issues from upstream

Note on Versioning

Homestead currently maintains support for 18.04 LTS via master branch, vagrant box version 9.x, Homestead Repo version 10.x, and 20.04 LTS via 20.04, vagrant box version 10.x. Homestead Repo version 11.x. To maintain this somewhat clear versioning separation while we continue to support both LTS versions instead of this PHP default change triggering a major version change, will only be a minor version change so that users can always rely on 9.x. This also allows us to avoid the ridiculous confusion releasing different LTS versions along the same box version numbers would bring.

As always: Homestead's support policy is to support the latest major Ubuntu LTS versions and supported PHP versions. This project relies heavily on chef/bento and Ondřej Surý's Ubuntu PPA. Please support these projects as much as you're able.

Apple Silicon Support

See the discussion


PHP 8.0 now default. Support chef/bento and Ondřej Surý!

latest releases: v12.1.0, v12.0.0
2 months ago