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(Potentially) Breaking

  • #1367 Distinguish better between font and image SVGs. (Depending upon your project structure, this may change the output path for certain SVG files. Please review #1367 for the related discussion.)


  • 2fc80f877441c71ccade44c87669725567cf8ec7 Add mix.babelConfig() to main API. (Now you don't have to create a .babelrc file to add a single plugin or two.)
  • #1406 Allow multiple mix.webpackConfig() calls.
  • #1342 Sort manifest key-value pairs by key.
  • #1246 Add support for HMR on different hosts and ports.
  • a7ce542f9cbbf37014283d06dc06658f8cf84b92 Make .env MIX_ config available to webpack.mix.js.
  • bd3dc42715890eb2c9468d8928b0f8fc89ac61ad Allow custom autoprefixer config, or disable it entirely.
  • c679e0b3412ab6859486f61b5ca3c42579c26e46 Add glob support for mix.js(). (mix.js('src/*.js', 'dist').
  • #1425 Add automated CI testing for pull requests.


  • 8e8aeff20407dc12630a4b835f408d855994cc2a Allow for custom vue-loader configuration.
  • #1354 Update webpack's devtool option to a full source-map.
  • #1374 Add dependency verification when using globalVueStyles option.


  • #1420 Find temporary script by name.
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