github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v1.3.0


  • #1008 You can now pass a directory path to mix.version() to version all nested files.
  • #1030 mix.combine(), mix.scripts(), and mix.styles() may now also accept a folder path.
mix.scripts('public/js/vendor', 'public/combined.js'); // combine all files in this dir
mix.scripts('public/assets/*.js', 'public/combined.js') // combine all JS files in this dir
  • #1003 Custom file watching now respects the --watch-poll command line option.
  • #1028 Support importing .vue files using TypeScript.
  • 25ed65bd236a1a643bbd2fcc4548f03a02c91097 Returned webpack 3 scope hoisting optimizations.


  • #996 Serve static files from webpackDevServer.
  • #1025 Disabling success notifications is now respected by mix.fastSass().
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