github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.9.0


  • Added support for automatic image file size optimization. 115e8f15790aea1029288e1d56956cc2d48ac79b
  • Added support for automatic CSS purification (removal of unused CSS). 41642eb56790029450c89187cd1f5799cfb57050
mix.options({ purifyCss: true });
  • Added mix.copyDirectory() method. This will copy a full directory to a new location. a7699b55b7df2a18e3ef31c48a31c4d9c65569e6
mix.copyDirectory('node_modules/some/place', 'public/copy/to/here');
  • Per Babel's recommendation, we've switched the default Babel preset from babel-preset-es2015 over to babel-preset-env. 126bad0d9b11973bc349f6c761e9192dbf72f266
  • You can now disable the default clearing of of the console, each time Webpack compiles. 6400bb0369d9c353e45232bae89449eebe39d58a
mix.options({ clearConsole: false });
  • Bumped Webpack dependency to ~2.3.0. cc79fe90d39859cfadc4705ea1b62ad69f201f0f
  • Bumped sass-loader and resolve-url-loader dependencies. 1828c8bda4ae18a9e2ae8df456818e99b19f5ca1
  • Bumped vue-loader and vue-template-compiler dependencies. 105533b301d57abaf5aca4aba4544d7eaee5519a
  • Bumped friendly-errors-webpack-plugin. 05c5674304c13a9f3fde5438f2fb3836f0cf6786

Potentially Breaking

  • We no longer add jQuery as a default for webpack's ProvidePlugin. 82004419296f0359bd6ca2fb49f64c8135db3268 If your app requires this, you can manually add it back in, like so:
    jquery: ['$', 'window.jQuery', 'jQuery']

Learn more about autoloading here.


  • For file versioning, we swapped the webpack-md5-hash plugin in favor of webpack-chunk-hash. 52807f856b0876f426156d385bd09b5f956aa747
  • Chunked files will now be placed in your main JS output folder. 735521ff34b7338579abafb1042acf6e3c8b2987
  • We now use smarter merging for mix.webpackConfig(). d9fa390b0e428f4aff376dca2427aef5fbd433cc
  • To prevent file name collisions, vendor assets will now be moved to a dedicated vendor folder. 6f3b052b40339a0e61acd5010f7e9bf0a6391a1b
  • mix.minify() now honors any custom Uglify user options. 761f9adeb61dcf156390866d254133263b0b81f9
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