github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.8.2


  • Added mix.scripts() and mix.styles(), which are aliases for mix.combine(). 80f9b0557c5a3427d3da2a9eca537846f6adef21
  • Bumped friendly-errors-webpack-plugin. c76020445ccb5cd2ceab31926b1b875cf5171f7b
  • Added a rule for cursor files. 5dc00a2f5736942299b4c224a6797e6f8287027b
  • When determining a production environment, we now also check for webpack-cli's -p flag. 970ae63d4172f394274759fec6dcb26ad10f49da
  • Added lang="stylus" support for .vue component files. 7f5b72554dd6c02c9a0f0590018137907dcb9d13


  • Our webpack.config.js image loader regex now checks for jpg and jpegs. 32050bd854847a841b1475cf65e666641b4c5256
  • We no longer force an array as the first argument to mix.combine(). This way, you can instead provide a string that includes a regular expression. 96fc2091477a99cc19e714715f99c3d4aa468ff7
  • Fixed/Improved deep merging of options, when calling mix.options(). fecd1c9bd555a2829c3819981cefadb8d4d6c323
  • Fixed/Improved Vue CSS extraction support. a9702bed8d6e65679fe2634ea4b8aac835d52a80
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4 years ago