github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.7.0

Potentially Breaking

  • If mix.version() is applied, the output path for mix.combine(src, output) will now automatically be versioned. If your webpack.mix.js file includes both mix.combine() and mix.version(), ensure that, in your HTML, you're referencing the proper output path for your mix.combine() call.


  • When calling mix.copy(), you may now also pass an array of file paths as the first argument.
], 'public/output');
  • If mix.version() is applied, the output paths for mix.combine() will now automatically be versioned. 7c7aec629ef7dff357c005c86e3c072c325dca15 and 4c065f252d426c544056d14beff33479f15efbfe
  • You may now optionally pass an array to mix.version(). This way, you can version files that aren't part of your core Webpack build. cb819a0161df0d43ff18b1e3669d6a44990128c9

This call will create a versioned file within the same directory. some-file.b2362b9e77323a1293c84124b5d6a5de.js. As with other versioned files, you may reference the mix-manifest.json file to fetch the exact hashed path.

  • Bumped extract-text-webpack-plugin version. 4aac7a63cd7dc5d55c6010905f6f2d614a256724


  • Ensure that sass-loader always has sourcemaps enabled. This is a requirement for extracting CSS. c87a56726b348f32e6c436fbd4c8c03c21e99cf4
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