github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.6.2


  • mix.combine() will now watch all provided source files for changes, and then automatically re-concatenate them quickly.
  • When running mix.combine(), we now append the output path to your mix-manifest.json file. This normally wouldn't happen, because concatenation isn't part of your normal Webpack bundle. But we're manually appending it to the file for convenience. 9098035b10dad3baf6a2eba270f23fee142a6e43


  • Fixed an issue with mix.combine() that caused output paths that included nested directories that don't exist to fail. We now recursively create the directory structure if it doesn't exist yet. 8870ff16710c085e6fa3b1f98d1fba435efe0258
  • Node 6 or higher is required d2806677fe7d88511edae0b058e2c9225437276e
  • The friendly-errors-webpack-plugin plugin specifically wants a quiet: true option for devServer 58c35dcb5b4d1a3cb84aaf1a1e32c58ae233c00d
  • When running mix.minify(), we no longer operate directly on the provided file. That made no sense. Instead, we output a new file to the same directory, and suffix .min.. So app.js would minify to app.min.js.
latest releases: v6.0.28, v6.0.27, v6.0.26...
4 years ago