github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.6.1


  • Our webpack.config.js now detects regular CSS files. 9fbf0906525771bba0eb6d0fbde47caf49e7ca17
  • Added JSX support to the .js test regex. c2fb9a9b1607c54eaa0e820fda51b0ab6a0c92e8
  • You may now pass node-sass and Less-specififc plugin options to both mix.sass() and mix.less(), as the third argument. c4553a94665259e49cab32279f82503d14c023fb
  • During production builds, we now automatically drop any lingering console.logs eaab1fe1f87c9bba407ff461a679e172eedc5dbe
latest releases: v6.0.28, v6.0.27, v6.0.26...
4 years ago