github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.6.0


  • You may now compile Sass and Less at the same time. Before, you could only do mix.sass() or mix.less(). You had to choose. Now you can use both, if your app requires it. b2808caf0f4c308b1f6f0a0a27ad5685432ae978
  • You may now call mix.extract() multiple times. Should you want to take advantage of HTTP2, this could be useful to split your vendor chunk into multiple, smaller files. bd4ddb2a94028fb7fcfc4067f0b54051a63a1890
  • As part of the new mix.extract() enhancements, you can also specify a new second argument, which will determine the output path - similar to mix.js().
mix.js('src', 'dest')
   .extract(['vue', 'jquery'], 'public/js/vendor-libs.js')
   .extract(['other', 'libs', 'to', 'extract'], 'public/js/will-go-here.js');


  • When Webpack encounters an image, it'll now export it to /images, rather than your base public path. Any references to the file path will of course be updated automatically. e011d386ea944b66f04ed18e5acc416ad2150208
  • We no longer generate source maps for production environments. They're unnecessary. 71f4c7ea5d9783c6bd8e7ec51b284ea4cb30cc45
  • Calling mix.extract() before mix.js() no longer triggers an error. (But for readability, I'd still recommend calling it after.) 89af7a6b5d91923b64e8a63708d5fb11263c8702
  • When calling mix.combine(), we now verify that every source file provided does, in fact, exist. bd1d69c1d8de7c96a5fca275dc5549b5837105ca
  • Ensured that Less compilation does include source maps, where necessary. 0d70dc9abdf9dfb8749dc6847e0721fa372d8fd8
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple mix.sass() calls with the same base directory and file name to generate only one file, rather than two. 9d9c52fba7641ab8f7230aded9706e0cafeb03aa
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