github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.5.9


  • You are no longer required to call mix.js() at least once. If you don't, we'll setup a temporary entry-point for you (since Webpack requires it), and then delete it once Webpack finishes its build. cbe95bf1eadfb7cf4d240e5995ccc7d49242cadb
  • You can now hook into each time Webpack completes its build process, by calling mix.then()). 96c0ff36d7feee3a64c65ec406884c21a5574a2a


  • Fixed a bug that caused source files in different directories, but with the same name, to not compile properly. be433ff97df7b9afac1ed243b72cb9e2acfd2029
  • Removed unused mix.setCachePath() method from API. d3843ad8f785999fe2bdb8a3a982832b10b6a353
latest releases: v6.0.28, v6.0.27, v6.0.26...
4 years ago