github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.5.7


  • mix.copy() now accepts a third argument, which can be used to disable flattening for your output files. If you need to maintain your directory structure, do mix.copy('from', 'to', false); 52a0ffa3133a10fc76a617fb33ac51b1fd7ee525
  • When compiling Sass, we now default to a precision level of 8. 102b71aee41be171f6ea3699a551a2db248c68c3


  • When calling mix.js() multiple times, you may now specify unique output paths. Before, Mix would use the same JS base directory for all mix.js() output paths.
  • Mix now installs the stable release of Webpack 2.2.0 40ef111fdfe9a7c9da869d20eea59998131a5be1
  • Bumped the concatenate dependency. dc1867fd91942d104d51dafb965a47c053c4a5a3
  • mix.autoload() can now be called before mix.js() without breaking. f00a04fa7503ffe775e483ad4eaa77ce7d6b9d4f
  • mix.autoload() now allows the library value to be a string or an array. 6de265dafddc7b6def25e907607d5af47c37431d
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