github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.5.3


  • Added a mix.autoload()method for the times when you need Webpack to autoload certain modules. The object you pass to this method will be provided to webpack.ProvidePlugin(). - #124


  • Fixed a Windows-specific issue that generated back-slashes instead of forward-slashes in the mix-manifest.json file. - d8fcac4d10b906c0e0d4b585aaae2aae9837007c
  • Angular will look for window.jQuery, so we now include that in the jQuery ProvidePlugin defaults. - eda373431bfff753362d339ff7041b0ec2e63533
  • Fixed an issue that caused versioning to be applied to the production environment incorrectly. We also re-enabled versioning for dev mode. - 9d14d7b0c1766e560c8b60ef06a9293b1f9b0f66
  • Within your webpack.mix.js file, you can now require Mix by simply doing var mix = require('laravel-mix').
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4 years ago