github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.5.0


  • Renamed manifest.json to mix-manifest.json to avoid conflicts with any potential application cache manifest files in the same directory.
  • As part of 8849785ab44e68e546207b2534b5241b602691cf we had to switch to a different plugin for generating the manifest file. This forced a slightly different output for mix-manifest.json, so your server-side mix() function should be updated, if you're not using Laravel. Here's a working example that you should be able to convert to your language/tool of choice.



  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple mix.sass() calls to not be represented correctly in the manifest file. 8849785ab44e68e546207b2534b5241b602691cf
  • Updated webpack.config.js to search for OTF fonts as well. 88da87634b64737094181856bc3bec5204ba6909
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