github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.4.0


  • Renamed Mix.json to Manifest.json and moved its save location to your public directory.
  • Removed mix.setCachePath(), as it's now no longer needed.
  • If you copied the example PHP mix() function from the Laravel Mix example repo, you'll need to update it, since the manifest.json contents have changed. See here:
  • For performance reasons, versioning (the hashing of files) will only be applied to a production environment now.


  • Added support for multiple mix.sass() or mix.less() calls. For each call, you'll get a new output file. 5b33a0056f6693e6b96a6adfac6dc70060771f64


  • Fixed a versioning bug that caused compiled files to receive new hashes, even if their source files weren't modified. We now used the MD5 of each file's contents to determine its respective hash. 5e1151d0523b6b433b6ad0e8cd7116bda3e341be
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4 years ago