github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.12.0


  • #812 - Added support for TypeScript.
  • d4191cfcfb6831913965a64ae2a724f7091a9ac4 - Bumped Uglify to version 3.
  • #788 - imgLoader options are now configurable.
  • #609 - Added the ability to specify a custom webpack.mix.js file.


  • 71b50dcd9689f339a2ea241b3aa2ef684919ac92 - When using mix.copy() to copy an array of source files to a destination, we've fixed the output path to not include the full source path structure.
  • 22c55c1ac40c7a1177ac4e7a7a2baa8e6f00f679 - Added the name modules plugin for hot reloading.
  • 5783ed18d8c30a6918e7d24b90594975c1f7da49 - Source maps are now generated by default.
  • #773 - Strip control codes from node-sass failure output, for better PHPStorm output rendering.
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