github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.11.0


  • Rewrote mix.copy() logic entirely to be more consistent. 329ed0ccffb51d52111ec11359f2617c528c60c0
  • Added support for Less-specific Vue styles extraction. 9e1deed3006d066dfc305ea228b27f835ce105bc
  • Allow for importing Sass files directly into your JavaScript files.
  • Added Vue pre/postloaders overrides. e45503786c0fa50a13cc0755bcf9c18eff569e5d
  • Bumped webpack-dev-server dependency. 16d8bd2ea3b5cbd939cbe6284ff01eefb32eb76e


  • Resolve issued related to the same hash being used for multiple mix.sass() calls #674
  • When using hot reloading, we now listen for the --https flag, and adjust the URL as needed. c74d71d1832946dbb5386dcf266378d9ab97e299
  • Fixed a CSS sourcemap issue. 8bc66c923b5956600a1402b6cd66dbd89f1f4289
  • mix.standaloneSass() now runs in a shell. fc5d2f026cc474f1ea3490d10be52954710e6897
  • mix.standaloneSass() now respects the global notifications property. 952912ffb7a8bfd1f9e71e79dcb003501f534f3b
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4 years ago