github laravel-mix/laravel-mix v0.10.0


  • Standalone Sass! If you don't need your Sass to be processed and optimized by Webpack (url rewriting, purification, etc.), you may now use mix.standaloneSass() for a significantly faster build process. 2e1f51bf71433b3cdcb69395cd6d708246d68a3a
  • Uglification can now be disabled entirely with mix.options({ uglify: false }); 0db436e645653dee42a3a24a1a28cbc268b257a9


  • Concat tasks should use the "env" Babel preset, not "es2015" 86db4bff74f9541d9dfe2b21c02aaa86e974dfce
  • When using hot reloading, we now apply a closing forward slash to the URL. 00e11ed8f20a136730a9d83a73df081ba20d0a73
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4 years ago