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13 months ago


  • #1643: Use as the plugin registry
  • #1620: Added "Show Hover" keybinding that will trigger the hover at the cursor location
  • #1619:
    • Add active/inactive tab colours
    • Add primary button colour
    • Replace custom drawn checkboxes with icons in source control
    • Add hover effect in source control panel
    • Add colour preview in settings
  • #1617: Fixed a stack overflow that would crash lapce when attempting to sort a large number of PaletteItems
  • #1609: Add syntax highlighting for erlang
  • #1590: Added ability to open file and file diff from source control context menu
  • #1570: Added a basic tab context menu with common close actions
  • #1560: Added ability to copy active editor remote file path to clipboard
  • #1510: Added support to discard changes to a file
  • #1459: Implement icon theme system
    • This is a breaking change for colour themes!
    • Colour themes should now use [color-theme] table format in theme TOML
    • volt.toml now use color-themes and icon-themes keys. themes key is not used anymore.
  • #1554: Added XML language support
  • #1472: Added SQL language support
  • #1531: Improved Ctrl+Left command on spaces at the beginning of a line
  • #1491: Added Vim shift+c to delete remainder of line
  • #1508: Show in progress when Lapce is self updating
  • #1475: Add editor setting: "Cursor Surrounding Lines" which sets minimum number of lines above and below cursor
  • #1525: Add editor indent guide
  • #1521: Show unique paths to disambiguate same file names
  • #1452: Wrap selected text with brackets/quotes
  • #1421: Add matching bracket highlighting
  • #1541: Order palette items according to last execute time

Bug Fixes

  • #1566|#1568: Use separate colour for drag and drop background
  • #1459: Fix opening currently used logfile
  • #1505: Fix proxy download for hosts with curl without -Z flag
  • #1483: Fix showing the close icon for the first tab when opening multiple tab
  • #1477: Now use esc to close searchbar regarless of the current focus
  • #1507: Fixed a crash when scratch buffer is closed
  • #1547: Fix infinite cycle in workspace symbol search
  • #1628: Fix kts files not being recognized

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