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15 months ago


  • #776: Implemented error lens.
  • #780: Add Fedora spec for packaging
  • #787: Add LSP stderr output to log
  • #809: Truncate plugin description with ellipsis when it is too long
  • #805: Add goto type definition support. (Where you can jump to the definition of the type a variable is of)
  • #800: Add alpine dev-container
  • #806: Add next/previous tab commands and keybindings. (Note that this is moving left/right in the tabs, not to the last used tab)
  • c5f1692: Make undo more granular
  • 69e6b83: Fix alpha-depth issue in painting
  • #821: Display documentation of completion items. image
  • #825: Add config option for cursor blink interval
  • #836: Use new highlighter query for Julia
  • bcd6ff7: Title update
  • c3bcc13: Full screen fix. Changes Lapce icon to work better on common color schemes.
  • #848: Separate plugin panel into two parts, installed and uninstalled.
  • 722c678: Custom title bar on Linux and palette bar
  • #840: Preserve unsaved files when closing, which are restored when opening Lapce again
  • #880: Add the ability to enable, disable, and remove plugins
  • #887: Don't paint tiny tab drags
  • #905: Add command to toggle inlay hints
  • #913: Add daily nightly build
  • #916: Don't show autocomplete after whitespace keys
  • #927: Make completion/palette allow page-up/down keys
  • #895: Add setting to control palette preview editor's width
  • #937: Don't show autocomplete after backspacing over whitespace
  • #948: Add the ability to resize editor/terminal/various splits. image
  • #972: Auto update
  • #979: Add elixir file extensions (so that they can be recognized)
  • #807: Add syntax highlighting for WGSL
  • #903: Add more file extensions (so that they can be recognized)
  • #981: Differentiate between stable/nightly/debug. This puts configuration in different folders, depending on your version!
  • #990: Rework titlebar
  • #1010: Add palette commands to open various Lapce directories
  • #1009: Add about dialog
  • 8687b7d: Add the ability to rename a symbol
  • (Bunch of different commits): Added beginnings of plugin-server-protocol, which allows plugins to use LSP features and more.

Bug Fixes

  • #781: Give the plugin panel a scroll bar
  • #789: Check LSP capabilities before sending commands. Fixes most of Julia LSP support.
  • #803: Properly check if a line is after the end of the document in line styles
  • #788: Use FS module
  • #833: Fix crashing on semantic tokens going past last line
  • #831: Fix goto ref on single references
  • 1008682: Reload explorer on file change, just in case our watching code didn't activate.
  • #849: (LSP) Specify the workspace folder of the root uri if available.
  • #850: Set the current directory when starting the LSP
  • #869: Read files lossily, in case they are not UTF8.
  • #884: Use UTF16 encoding for communicating with LSPs. This should fix a bunch of bugs with unicode causing RA or the editor to crash.
  • #914: Fix keybinds on Mac with Command+Shift
  • 474bb00: Fix MacOS Option Key
  • #925: Properly open editors when applying text edits via code actions to editors which aren't focused or open.
  • #930: Prevent crash on save with multiple windows
  • #961: Fix calculation of mouse down position in the problem panel
  • #843: Follow system OS paths better
  • fd74be8: Proxy rewrite! This should make lock-ups not happen, and be easier to add onto.
  • 85e41dc: Find box result count should use the current buffer
  • #996: Pass uname as multiple args to fix WSL
  • #1011: Align settings button size to window controls
  • #1017: Don't fail on missing primary monitor
  • Various other bug fixes

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