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  • #705/#711: Changed UI
    • The left activity bar has been moved to above the file explorer, giving more horizontal space by default
    • The bottom panel now has the terminal/search/problems buttons attached to it, rather than at the very bottom
    • Panels can now be dragged to the left/bottom/right as you wish
      • example moved panels
    • Buttons on tab bar to move between tabs
  • #706: File icons for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Lua, Python, TypeScript and ZIP files.
  • #666: Add the ability to search for symbols in the workspace in the palette with the # prefix
    • workspace symbol search
  • #653: Give the file explorer sidebar a context menu
    • Create new files/directories, rename them, and move them to the trash
  • #710: Custom titlebar support (Windows)
    • image
  • #715: Inlay Hint support
  • Git:
    • #691: Commit button added to git panel
    • #708: Workbench Command to discard changes on the current file/workspace, reverting back to the latest git versions
    • #654: Workbench Command that initializes a git repository in the current folder
    • #637: Workbench Command to checkout a branch
  • Nightly releases added to Github
  • Languages:
    • #690: Highlighting for Bash and Zig
    • #677: Recognize C/C++ file extensions
    • #674:
      • Enables CSS highlighting
      • Bumps tree-sitter
      • Bumps tree-sitter-python
    • #664: Highlighting for Hare
    • #656: Highlighting for several languages: OCaml, Glimmer, Haxe, HCL, and SCSS
    • #636: Highlighting for Haskell, CodeQL, and Swift
    • #625: Highlighting for Elm
    • #762: Highlighting for Julia
  • #549: Language server improvements that make gopls usable
  • #641: Maintain maximised state across restarts
  • #639: Improve the behavior of Home in non-vim mode
  • #634: Add an executable icon on Windows
  • #633: Add an option deciding whether it should format on save
  • #629: Make Ctrl+Space show autocompletion at the cursor
  • #622: Display the number of results and the current result in the find UI
    • image
  • #617: Add setting to toggle relative line numbering in modal mode
  • #728: Add option to use LSP from PATH
  • #735: Make Ctrl+C act like Escape in Modal Mode's Normal Mode
  • #744: Properly handle LSP requests for listening to file saving
  • #748: Add setting for hover font family and font size
  • #738: Add commandline arguments
  • #756: Add language name to status bar
  • #702: Add command to change file syntax language
  • a92b3f2: Make status line items clickable
  • #766: Set window minimal size

Bug Fixes

  • #701: Verify that the working directory exists or use the home directory for alacritty
  • 7d6b739 Markdown support fixed
  • #670: Make shift-delete and shift-backspace behave the same as delete and backspace respectively.
  • da1d807: Make the distinction between a window tab and normal tab clear
  • #644: Log to stderr. Fix some warnings with regards to druid's layouting.
  • #643: Use file path comparison which normalises drive letters for code actions
  • #616: Fix unicode crash in palette line-search
  • #755: Make the enter key scroll the terminal down
  • #774: Fixes panic on empty active tab
  • Many other fixes


  • #667: Add installation information for various packaging systems for various platforms
  • #645: Cache various steps of the CI workflow to improve the speed
  • #615: Fix clippy warnings; Add clippy to CI; fix a small bug

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