github kupferlauncher/kupfer v320

This is mainly bug-fixes release.


  • Update translations: es, pl

  • Fix detecting running gui application, selecting active window and crashes when application was closed (closes #124, #130)

  • Allow serialize UrlLeaf ans save it as actions (closes #126)

  • Plugins:

    • In Firefox Keywords provide quick search using '?keyword query'
    • In Documents option for disable checking is file exist before add to list that solve problems when files are in slow/inaccesible locations
    • Restore Clawsmail plugin
    • Update VirtualBox plugin to work with last version
    • Add deepdirectories plugin
    • Restore websearch plugin (closes #127)
    • In Firefox fix openning locked database; fix loading profiles, allow user to select non-default profile by name of path (closes #131)
    • Add LXQT session suport
  • Dev:

    • Update WAF version; use itstool instead of xml2po (closes #125)
latest release: v321
10 months ago