github kubevious/kubevious v0.7

Summary of Changes

Kubevious v0.7 Screen


  • Alerts tool window include alerts from the entire hierarchy
  • Alerts tool window allow grouping by the object as well as by alert
  • Config popup allows YAML edit, sanitization, and export
  • TimeMachine UI allows better zooming and focusing. Now area charts are separate for errors and warnings.
    Time series resampling eliminates most of the jitter in the timeline.


  • Redesigned Helm charts
  • Redesigned DB Schema

Issue Fixes


Deploy using Helm v3.2+ :

kubectl create namespace kubevious

helm repo add kubevious

helm upgrade --atomic -i kubevious kubevious/kubevious --version 0.7.26 -n kubevious 

kubectl port-forward $(kubectl get pods -n kubevious -l "" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}") 8080:80 -n kubevious

Access from browser: http://localhost:8080

For more details on installation options visit Deployment Repository.

latest release: v0.8
8 months ago