github kubevious/kubevious v0.6

Summary of Changes

Kubevious Rule Editor Rule Script

Major Changes:

  • Rule editor. Define custom rules to continuously validate Kubernetes cluster and apps configurations.
  • Marker editor. Associate custom markers to configurations using smart filters.
  • Continuous diagram, properties alerts refresh upon changes.
  • Frontend rewritten using React.

Bug Fixes:


Deploy using Helm:

kubectl create namespace kubevious

helm repo add kubevious

helm upgrade --atomic -i kubevious kubevious/kubevious --version 0.6.36 -n kubevious 

kubectl port-forward $(kubectl get pod -l k8s-app=kubevious-ui -n kubevious -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}") 3000:80 -n kubevious

Access from browser: http://localhost:3000

latest releases: v0.8, v0.7
12 months ago