github kubeshop/tracetest v0.11.9-rc.2

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pre-release13 days ago


  • dd6c3e1 Adding context flag on server install (#2477)
  • cb5e526 Creating CLI e2e tests (#2494)
  • aaecf00 Fixing corner case of listing datastores when on no-tracing mode (#2585)
  • 10fd98c Improve test output and remove parallelism (#2575)
  • 7b7c0cd Moving external tests to testing folder (#2513)
  • 490d47c Revert "feat: change openapi spec for transactions to consider resource manager" (#2497)
  • f0a7635 Update CLI e2e test engine to support CLI debug and add error handling for 404 errors on Get (#2573)
  • 3fd41a6 Update docs/concepts/transactions: «Tests A, B» instead of «Tx A, B» (#2537)
  • 196a086 Updating Kubernetes installation docs (#2562)
  • 33151f8 Updating example with OTel community feedback (#2580)
  • efb642f [hackathon] kubectl trace based testing (#2549)
  • dca002e chore: upgrade goreleaser version to v1.18.2 (#2572)
  • 0dadc9e docs(config): add honeycomb to list of supported trace data stores (#2512)
  • 34fd59f docs(install-deploy): improves Deployment and Getting Started pages (#2567)
  • b81e7ae examples(honeycomb): update config (#2527)
  • 266a0e7 feat(cli): output normalization (#2475)
  • 607e502 feat(server): add traceDB endpoints to event log (#2516)
  • 4a8ae72 feat(server): decouple request and response encoding in resource manager (#2520)
  • 2e63053 feat(server): improve resource manager test suit debug output (#2487)
  • a8c132f feat: allow multiple root spans to exist in a tracetest trace (#2518)
  • 22f7dd1 feat: change openapi spec for transactions to consider resource manager (#2486)
  • 5654831 feat: migrate transactions to new resourcemanager architecture (#2551)
  • 77c8039 feat: support dashes in attribute names (#2569)
  • 3a81cf0 feature(cli): Adding dashboard command (#2490)
  • ea3c7f1 feature(cli): adding support for the all flag when listing resources (#2501)
  • e7dccae feature(cli): version display improvements (#2505)
  • 5385cc0 fix environment encoding (#2543)
  • 8b373ac fix environment migration (#2534)
  • 5e35e36 fix order of fields when listing resources (#2474)
  • 0afc8a4 fix(cli): fix datastore and environment deprecated commands (#2498)
  • de74526 fix(cli): fix default output for non-resources commands (#2524)
  • e1b4bef fix(cli): fix upsert for environments (#2570)
  • 1791556 fix(cli): fixing nested structs output format (#2496)
  • 1527cba fix(docs): fix docs related to data stores (#2558)
  • 990caf7 fix(docs): fix shorthand naming convention in honeycomb (#2530)
  • 1eb3453 fix(frontend): add polling mechanism for test run (#2489)
  • 64c34a3 fix(frontend): fix empty body and headers in trigger tab (#2540)
  • bf6cf53 fix(frontend): fix otlp test connection message (#2515)
  • d1c50f1 fix(frontend): fix test run success message (#2514)
  • c47f431 fix(frontend): highlight selected span (#2504)
  • 759a323 fix: block fe analytics if TRACETEST_DEV is present (#2503)
  • ee1b181 fix: correctly handle transaction relative paths (#2582)
  • 968de72 fix: improve resourcemanager handling of augmented header (#2584)
  • a4ee770 fix: set static IDs for dogfood tests and transactions (#2578)
  • 18b0a1c hotfix: fix controller (#2574)
  • c7dfad9 hotfix: fix controller panic (#2579)

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