github kubernetes/autoscaler vertical-pod-autoscaler-0.9.0
Vertical Pod Autoscaler 0.9.0

API changes

  • Configurable container limit scaling #3028
    • makes it possible to disable limit scaling for a given pod or container

Other notable changes:

  • Added subjectAltName to admission controller #3374
    • requires Openssl 1.1.1 or newer to run hack/
  • Configurable timeout for admission-webhook calls: #3549
  • Adjustable recommender metric samples aggregation options #2905
  • Multiple architectures support added #3123

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with applying resources outside limit range #3319
  • Fixed issue with Out Of Memory samples being often rejected #3079
latest releases: cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.2, cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.01, addon-resizer-1.8.14...
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