github kubernetes/autoscaler cluster-autoscaler-1.21.0
Cluster Autoscaler 1.21.0



  • Subtracting mirror pod with Daemonsets when calculating node utilisation in --ignore-daemonsets-utilization flag
  • Added Issue templates for Bug Report and Feature Request
  • Add max pods per node config to build node
  • Bugfix: Expander Priority warns misleading log
  • Make arch-specific releases use separate images instead of tags on the same image
  • Added towca as an approver
  • Reference to additionalLabels in deployment template for charts fixed
  • Added Per nodegroup scale-down config
  • Updated Chart testing action
  • Define clusterapi in cloudprovider layer
  • Follow WG Naming Recommendations on Master -> Control Plane
  • Implement round-robin for SchedulerBasedPredicateChecker
  • Allow Daemonsets to safely evict on empty nodes
  • Migrated Test and Verify to using Git Actions
  • Cleanup Makefile
  • Helm Chart Image Update (v1.18.1 → v1.20.0)
  • Fix: Set different hostname label for upcoming nodes
  • Update Index for CA Chart
  • Final removal of ca-chart chart post deprecation
  • Allow name of cluster-autoscaler status ConfigMap to be specificed
  • Added prometheus rule support for CA Chart
  • Allow for specifying automountServiceAccountToken on cluster-autoscaler service account for CA Chart
  • Simplify vendor update script
  • Add arch specific cluster-autoscaler targets to gitignore
  • Add a metric for unregistered nodes removed by CA
  • Fix bug where a node that becomes ready after 2 mins can be treated as unready. Deprecated LongNotStarted
  • Release leader election lock on shutdown
  • Support for reporting authorization errors during scale up
  • adds status-config-map-name to values.yaml of helm chart
  • Log failed scale up metric based on string value of AutoscalerErrorType
  • Separate and refactor custom resources logic
  • Set cluster autoscaler-specific user agent
  • Added OVHcloud as a new cloud provider
  • Added Linode as a new cloud provider
  • Added Bizflycloud as a new cloud provider
  • Added Hetzner Cloud as a new cloud provider


  • Reading Ephemeral Storage from Instance Template and allow scale from zero of nodepools for pods requesting ephemeral storage
  • Added flag to block boot disk being used as ephemeral storage when picking from instance template
  • Added additional OS Distributions
  • Added price for e2-highcpu-32
  • Fixing Kernel Memory Usage estimation
  • expose IP_SPACE_EXHAUSTED error
  • Add A2 machine family pricing
  • additional memory reservation for low memory machines


  • Added new instance types: r5b, m5zn, d3, d3en
  • Reduce logging when creating placeholder instances
  • Don't pile up successive full refreshes during AWS scaledowns
  • Support new GPU type - T4
  • Add Fetch Error Output to Warning Log
  • Add gjtempleton to cloud provider OWNERS approvers
  • Allow generic labels to be overwritten by tags coming from the ASG


  • Cleanup unused SDK


  • Updated Instance type list
  • add missing call to fetch autodiscovered nodegroups


  • Fix sample manifest
  • Switch from v1beta1 to v1 for rbac
  • Add services into role of example file
  • Bump clusterapi sample suggested version from 1.18.1 to 1.20.0
  • CAPI Management cluster informer to watch single namespce


  • Implement new GetOptions method for linode provider


  • Add node group autoscaling options


  • Enable magnum provider scale to zero


latest releases: cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.3, cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.2, cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.01...
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