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Cluster Autoscaler 1.20.0



  • Fix priority expander falling back to a random choice even though there is a higher priority option to choose
  • Clone kubernetes/kubernetes in shallowly, instead of fetching all revisions
  • Speed up binpacking by reducing the number of PreFilter calls (call once per pod instead of #pods*#nodes times)
  • Speed up finding unneeded nodes by 5x+ in very large clusters by reducing the number of PreFilter calls
  • Expose --max-nodes-total as a metric
  • Errors in IncreaseSize changed fromt type apiError to cloudProviderError
  • Make build-in-docker and test-in-docker work on Linux systems with SELinux enabled
  • Fix an error where existing nodes were not considered as destinations while finding place for pods in scale-down simulations
  • Remove redundant log lines and reduce severity around parsing kubeEnv
  • Don't treat nodes created by virtual kuebelet as nodes from non-autoscaled node groups
  • Remove redundant logging around calculating node utilization
  • Add configurable --network and --rm flags for docker in Makefile
  • Substract DaemonSet pods' requests from node allocatable in the denominator while computing node utilization
  • Include taints by condition when determining if a node is unready/still starting
  • Fix to work on OSX and zsh
  • Add best-effort eviction for DaemonSet pods while scaling down non-empty nodes
  • Add build support for ARM64


  • Add missing daemonsets and replicasets to ALI example cluster role

Apache CloudStack

  • Add support for Apache CloudStack


  • Regenerate list of EC2 instances
  • Fix pricing endpoint in AWS China Region


  • Add optional jitter on initial VMSS VM cache refresh, keep the refreshes spread over time
  • Serve from cache for the whole period of ongoing throttling
  • Fix unwanted VMSS VMs cache invalidations
  • Enforce setting the number of retries if cloud provider backoff is enabled
  • Don't update capacity if VMSS provisioning state is updating
  • Support allocatable resources overrides via VMSS tags
  • Add missing stable labels in template nodes
  • Proactively set instance status to deleting on node deletions

Cluster API

  • Migrate interaction with the API from using internal types to using Unstructured
  • Improve tests to work better with constrained resources
  • Add support for node autodiscovery
  • Add support for --cloud-config
  • Update group identifier to use for Cluster API annotations


  • Add support for Exoscale


  • Decrease the number of GCE Read Requests made while deleting nodes
  • Base pricing of custom instances on their instance family type
  • Add pricing information for missing machine types
  • Add pricing information for different GPU types
  • Ignore the new label when comparing groups
  • Add missing stable labels to template nodes


  • Add auto scaling group support
  • Implement node group by AS
  • Implement getting desired instance number of node group
  • Implement increasing node group size
  • Implement TemplateNodeInfo
  • Implement caching instances


  • Add support for IONOS


  • Skip non-kubemark nodes while computing node infos for node groups.


  • Add Magnum support in the Cluster Autoscaler helm chart


  • Allow empty nodepools
  • Add support for multiple nodepools
  • Add pricing support



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