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Cluster Autoscaler 1.18.2

Changes since 1.18.1


  • Nodes with small difference in available memory will now be considered similar for the purposes of balancing NodeGroup sizes. This should increase the reliability of NodeGroup balancing on some providers (#3124).
  • Fixed a bug where Cluster Autoscaler incorrectly didn't correctly take into account resource requests of initContainers (#3224).


  • Fixed an issue where nodes with NodeWithImpairedVolumes could block scale-up.


  • Changed the label CA uses to detect nodes with GPUs from to "accelerator" (previously was "").
  • Various improvements to scale down scenarios.

Cluster API:

  • Add autodiscovery for group and version of CAPI resources. This change removes a restriction that limited the CAPI version to v1alpha2 (#2932).
  • Remove autoscaler panic conditions based on available Custom Resource Definitions. This change ensures that the autoscaler will emit error messages instead of panicing if it cannot find the CAPI resources (#3171).
  • Failed Machines now have a fake Provider ID. This change ensures that the autoscaler will see these Machines as failed and not attempt to wait for them (#3172)
  • Node Provider IDs are no longer normalized internally. This change improves the behavior for Nodes joining the cluster (#3175).


latest releases: cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.2, cluster-autoscaler-chart-9.10.01, addon-resizer-1.8.14...
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