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10 months ago

New Features

  • XFS Filesystem support as an Alpha feature. Volumes can be provisioned by specifying xfs as the in the Storage Class.
  • Raw Block volume support as an Alpha feature. Visit the Raw Block Volumes documentation for more details.

Notable Changes

  • Node Driver DaemonSet runs with hostNetwork. Refer to (#1217) for more detail.

  • Ability to set the maximum volumes that can be attached to a Node VM. This can be modified in the CSI 2.3 deployment manifest.

  • Upgrade CSI driver base image to Photon 4.0. (#866)

  • Modifications in ControllerUnpublishVolume error handling (#840):

    • If the Node VM is deleted from the vCenter inventory, the detach operation will be marked as successful.
    • If a NotFound fault is returned by CNS, the VM devices are checked to ensure the volume is not attached to a Node VM.
  • Bug fixes

    • Disable volume length check. (#801)
    • Set volume health annotation to Inaccessible if it is not set by SPBM as it implies volume does not exist. (#852)
    • Set volume health annotation to Inaccessible when PVC not found in CNS. (#944)
    • Prevent incorrect reloading of Virtual Center configuration in CSI Syncer when credentials are not changed. (#967)
    • Prevent syncer from crashing when volumes are migrated from VCP. (#1013)
    • Reset Volume Manager during reload config when user or ca-file is updated. (#1043)

Refer to for more detail

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