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14 months ago

New Feature

Notable Changes

  • Added support for running vSphere CSI driver on VMware Cloud™ on AWS (VMC). VMC will only support block volume for now.
  • Datastore privilege check to filter out shared datastores which do not have Datastore.FileManagement privilege. Refer to notes provided for CNS-DATASTORE role at vSphere Roles and Privileges
  • Telemetry collection support using cluster-distribution field in the vSphere Config Secret. Refer to notes provided for cluster-distribution in vSphere configuration secret.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed recreating static file share volume with the same PV name. (#546, @chethanv28)
    • Fixed metadata syncer to disallow deleting volume physically from the datastore when PV is deleted by user. (#568, @chethanv28)
    • Fixed VCP to CSI Migration to support datastore path in the volume handle. (#643, @chethanv28)
    • Fixed CSI full sync not registering volumes and was failing with Duplicated entity for each entity type in one cluster. (#671, @lipingxue)
    • Fixed volume provisioning when empty datacenter is present in the vCenter inventory. (#690, @shalini-b)

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