github kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller v2.5.2

16 days ago

v2.5.2 (requires Kubernetes 1.22+)



Thanks to all our contributors! 😊


  • Added support for the AWS Resource Group API which can be enabled via the feature flag EnableRGTAPI, disabled by default. This feature allows the tagging manager to utilize RGT APIs to filter matching Load Balancers and Target Group resources, and is helpful when there are numerous resources. RGT feature is not available for private clusters. If you intend to enable this feature, you need to do the following:
    • set --feature-gates=EnableRGTAPI=true in controller command line flag or helm value --set controllerConfig.featureGates.EnableRGTAPI=true during chart install/upgrade
    • add additional permission to the IAM policy used by the controller
     "Effect": "Allow", 
     "Action": [ 
     "Resource": "*" 
  • Refactor backend SG provider, controller deletes backend SG when not required without waiting for all ingresses to be deleted.


  • Check both sdkLS and resLS sslpolicy for nil when updating extra certs for listeners

Changelog since v2.5.1

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