github kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator v0.5.1


  • Update examples/README (#317, @otterley)
  • Changelog gen (#318, @nckturner)
  • Fix CRD mapper blocking all others because caches never sync and revamp backend-mode flag (#303, @wongma7)
  • Update aws-sdk-go to version v1.30.0 (#306, @nckturner)
  • Bump dependencies to 1.16.8 (#305, @wongma7)
  • chown aws-iam-authenticator to avoid permission denied (#302, @wongma7)
  • Indentation and unit test improvements (#298, @bhagwat070919)
  • Adding Rate limiting ec2:DescribeInstances API along with Batching for high TPS (#292, @bhagwat070919)
  • Restrict ClusterRole to readonly IAMIdentityMapping access (#287, @rifelpet)
  • added selector to spec and changed from extenstions to apps/v1 (#291, @andarob)
  • Add AWS AccessKeyID as an extra field in UserInfo (#286, @pepov)
  • Allow server port customization (#278, @diversario)

Docker Images

Note: You must log in with the registry ID and your role must have the necessary ECR privileges:

$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region us-west-2 --registry-ids 602401143452)
  • docker pull
  • docker pull
  • docker pull
  • docker pull
  • docker pull
  • docker pull
2 months ago