github kubernetes-csi/external-attacher v2.1.1

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3 years ago

Overall status


Minimum CSI spec version


Minimum Kubernetes version


Recommended Kubernetes version

1.17: For CSIMigration beta feature


docker pull

Feature status

CSINode*BetaOnexternal-attacher uses the CSINode object to get the driver's node name instead of the Node annotation.
CSIMigration*BetaOnMigrating in-tree volume plugins to CSI.

*) There are no special feature gates for these features. They are enabled by turning on the corresponding features in Kubernetes.

Breaking changes

  • Fixed go module requirements for semantic versioning. Update package path to v2. Vendoring with dep depends on golang/dep#1963 or the workaround described in v2/ (#210, @alex1989hu)

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