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4 years ago

Overall status


Supported CSI spec versions



docker pull

Breaking Changes

afb5c14 Update external-attacher to use v1.0.0 csi spec
aa1e584 Implement PUBLISH_READONLY capability

Action Required

  • CSI plugin must support the 1.0 spec. CSI spec versions < 1.0 are no longer supported
  • The PUBLISH_READONLY capability needs to be explicitly specified by the CSI plugin for the readOnly parameter to be set in the ControllerPublishRequest.

Major Changes

49e4642 Split RBAC rules into separate file
57654eb Add CSI migration logic to attach/detach handling and tests
cc01f60 Store NodeID in annotation so that detach continues to work when the node is deleted
08b1ac1 Fix rbac validation
950c392 Temporarily call CSINodeInfo API directly instead of using a lister to workaround issues with informers not updating
c4aeecd Update to new CSINodeInfo
647cee1 Skip processing of Attach/DetachError changes
b5886ed Use protosanitizer library to avoid logging secrets

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