github kubermatic/kubeone v1.1.0

Attention Needed

  • [Breaking] Use Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) in the example Hetzner Terraform config (#1102)
    • It's highly recommended to bind the image by setting var.image to the image you're currently using to prevent the instances from being recreated the next time you run Terraform!

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc.1

The changelog since the v1.0.5 release is available in the file.



  • Improvements to the RegistryConfiguration API
    • Add support for insecure Docker registries (#1155)
    • Overwrite machine-controller Hyperkube and Kubelet image repositories (#1157)
    • Overwrite pause image on worker nodes (#1161)
  • Add external cloud controller manager support for VMware vSphere clusters (#1159)



  • Update WeaveNet to v2.7.0 (#1153)
  • Update Hetzner Cloud Controller Manager (CCM) to v1.8.1 (#1149)
    • This CCM release includes support for external LoadBalacners backed by Hetzner LoadBalancers


SHA256 checksums can be found in the kubeone_1.1.0_checksums.txt file.

latest releases: v1.2.0-beta.0, v1.2.0-alpha.0
2 months ago