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The KubeOne documentation has been migrated from GitHub to the new KubeOne docs website. Checkout the new website to find out how to get started with KubeOne.

Attention Needed

  • It's recommended to use this release instead of v0.11, as v0.11 doesn't support the latest Kubernetes patch releases. Older Kubernetes releases are affected by two CVEs and therefore it's strongly advised to use 1.16.11/1.17.7/1.18.4 or newer.

Known Issues

  • machine-controller is failing to sign Kubelet CertificateSingingRequests (CSRs) for worker nodes on GCP due to missing hostname in the Machine object. We are currently working on a fix. In meanwhile, you can sign the CSRs manually by following instructions from the Kubernetes docs.
  • It remains impossible to provision Kubernetes 1.16.10+ clusters on CentOS 7. CentOS 8 and RHEL are unaffected. We are investigating the root cause of the issue.


Bug Fixes

  • Remove hold from the docker-ce-cli package on upgrade (#941)
    • This ensures clusters created with KubeOne v0.11 can be upgraded using KubeOne v1.0.0-beta.1 release


SHA256 checksums can be found in the kubeone_1.0.0-beta.1_checksums.txt file.

latest releases: v1.2.0-alpha.0, v1.1.0, v1.1.0-rc.0...
6 months ago