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KubeOne 1.0

We are excited to announce the general availability of KubeOne 1.0! 🎉

Our open source cluster lifecycle management tool for single Kubernetes clusters in the cloud, the datacenter or on the edge is now production-ready!

Upgrading to this release is highly recommended as v0.11 release doesn't support Kubernetes versions 1.16.11/1.17.7/1.18.4 and newer. Kubernetes versions older than 1.16.11/1.17.7/1.18.4 are affected by two CVEs and therefore it's strongly advised to use 1.16.11/1.17.7/1.18.4 or newer.

Major Highlights

Complete Cluster Reconciliation Using a Single Command

KubeOne 1.0 comes with a new apply command which takes care of the complete cluster reconciliation, including provisioning, upgrading, and repairing clusters. The apply command is capable of creating new worker nodes, reconciling addons, and can be used in complex scenarios such as disaster recovery.

KubeOneCluster API Promoted to Beta

The KubeOneCluster API has been promoted to v1beta1, bringing more stability, maturity, and many other improvements. The new API makes it easier to manage the cluster in a clear and concise way, and use all the new features. Users can easily migrate all existing manifests to the new API by using the kubeone config migrate command.

Static Worker Nodes Support for Bare-metal, IoT, and Edge Environments

KubeOne 1.0 introduces support for provisioning Kubernetes clusters with static worker nodes. This simplifies the management of Kubernetes clusters on bare-metal, IoT, edge, and other environments not supported by machine-controller. The new static worker nodes feature empowers users to create instances using their preferred approach, define them in the cluster configuration, and let KubeOne provision and join them to the cluster.

Deploy the CNI Plugin of Your Choice

KubeOne 1.0 adds the option to deploy any CNI plugin. In combination with a powerful addon mechanism, users can ensure that the CNI plugin of their choice is deployed right on the provisioning time.

Extended OS Support With Flatcar, CentOS 8, and RHEL

The 1.0 release introduces support of Flatcar Container Linux as a replacement of CoreOS. The CentOS support has been extended with the support of CentOS 8. Besides Flatcar and CentOS 8, the OS support has been extended with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Improved Documentation

The KubeOne user documentation has been improved to make it easier to get started and create your first cluster. We have documented additional use cases, concepts and tools used by KubeOne, how to maintain your cluster, and more!


The full changelog since v0.11.2 is available in the file. Make sure to read the Attention Needed section before upgrading to this version!

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc.1

  • Add the kubeone proxy command (#1035)

    • The kubeone proxy command launches a local HTTPS capable proxy (CONNECT method) to tunnel HTTPS request via SSH. This is especially useful in cases when the Kubernetes API endpoint is not accessible from the public internets.
  • KubeOne is now built using Go 1.15 (#1048)

  • Fix Kubelet version detection on Flatcar (#1032)

  • Update machine-controller to v1.16.1 (#1043)


    SHA256 checksums can be found in the kubeone_1.0.0_checksums.txt file.

latest releases: v1.2.0-alpha.0, v1.1.0, v1.1.0-rc.0...
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